PGM Ferrari 250 GTO

One of the first few cars PGM produced. PGM didn’t upset it’s fans as this beauty was reproduced all the details of this race cars in real life. Produced 1,500 pieces worldwide, they are being numbered individually.

This car 19 was always being displayed at different car shows or gathering (though it was a replica). Top down from the front to the rear, with red, white and blue stripes throughout.

The wheels cannot be roll as it’s mainly serve as a display car. Two tiny screws are being used to fixed the car on the round display case. Just like the other PGM cars, it comes with a car door openers as both doors, engine hood and the rear compartment can be opened. The interior is mainly in black with navy blue seats. The front lights, the rear signal lights, the exhaust pipe, the rims, and basically everything of the real car is now being displayed on your palm. Another great job done by PGM.

Although it didn’t show the scale of the car on anywhere of the box or the display case, we all believe it’s in 1:64 scale.

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