PGM RWB Porsche Cinderella 70th Anniversary Special Edition

Porsche was formed in 1931 while they didn’t have road cars until 1948. In 2018, Porsche was celebrating 70 years anniversary of their cars on the road. RWB Porsche Cinderella is a real life car in sharp yellowish orange colour, and the RWB Thailand team had modified the Cinderella with the 70th Anniversary theme.

Once again, PGM recreated this lovely yellowish RWB in the 1:64 scale. Opening doors, rear engine cover and front compartment with all the fine prints throughout the car, once again created the wow effect and didn’t get our collectors disappinted. The car itself has all black interior, gears up with printed Mr. Nakai’s imaginary Idlers tires.

If we are to criticize, PGM could improve their cars by giving more detail windshield wipers, and better licence plates front and rear.

Each of this RWB Porsche Cinderella 70th anniversary edition is numbered, and being produced only 1,000 pieces worldwide.

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