PGM Sakura RWB Porsche 964 Premium Edition

PGM created this beauty of RWB Porsche 964 in diecast 1:64 model. Though we couldn’t find the actual real car of this RWB Porsche 964 in real life.

There are two versions: the standard and the premium. Standard version comes with a regulator gift box, while the Premium version comes with a round shape roundtable gift box.
Inside is the clear acrylic box. The car stands on (being screwed on) the grey jewellery grade silk pad. As the doors and hoods can be opened, PGM prepared a door Porsche shape plaster opener for us to open those doors.

This car is with double golden stripes from the head to the top. Some sakura patterns on the right side of the top, in black background. The number “40” is shown on the front hood and on the doors. There are some companies logo on both sides of the doors. The Japanese characters “競騎士” is printed on the rear windshield.

The craftsmanship is to the level of brilliant. Such detail print, opening doors, front hood and rear engine cover are telling us the effort PGM had put into creating such a beauty for their collectors.

The box set comes with a metal plate indicating an unique number of this limited run, out of 1,000 pieces worldwide.

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