Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Crazy Ken’s Car Club Cedric

A collaboration¬†with the Crazy Ken’s Band in Japan, Tomica produced this Crazy Ken’s Car Club vehicle based on the Nissan Cedric real-life car in the 1970’s.

This car specifically, emphasize the lead vocalist Ken Yokoyama. You can see the lucky number of Ken, 69 on the sides, top, license plate and the right side front lights of this car. While on the left front lights of the car, and on the top, Ken’s Japanese name is printed on to tell everyone this is his car.

Click here to learn more about Crazy Ken’s Band.


  • Scale: 1:64
  • Released: March 2016
  • Manufacturing country: China
  • Casting: Nissan Cedric (230) LV-N29/30
  • Rim: Vintage Rally all black rims
  • Tires: Rubber
  • Interior: Black seats
  • Steering Wheel: Right
  • Seats: 5 seats
  • Available: Japan
  • MSRP: 2,600 JPY

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