Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Ferrari 512 TR

512TR is the next favourite car we like the most, among all Ferrari super cars produced as yet.

Similar to F40, 512TR comes with 3 colours – yellow, red and black. The yellow one was exclusively sold at Tomica Shop only. While the red and black were sold to the public. All were marketed to Japan.

Yellow and red 512 TR were released September 2019, while the black one was released in March 2020. If you are lucky enough, pass by the Tomica shops at Japan and you should be able to get the yellow 512TR.

Unlike F40, 512TR has suspension. You can see it’s engine by opening the rear cowl.

Many could see the 512 TR was a evolution model of the Ferrari Testarossa. Tomica built this based on the real cars, both 512 TR and the Testarossa. The change in the front mask is noticeable when you look at both cars at first glance, but the shape of the engine hood and the shape of the engine itself have also changed.


  • Scale: 1:64
  • Released: September 2019 (yellow and red), March 2020 (black)
  • Manufacturing country: China
  • Rim: 5-spoke standard race cars rim
  • Tires: Rubber
  • Interior: Black seats
  • Steering Wheel: Left
  • Seats: 2 seats
  • Available: Japan
  • MSRP: 5,800 JPY

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